Repurpose Your Purpose 



  • You want to do something bigger with your life – but you are not sure what exactly
  • You want to take some time for deep inner work, without the pressure to get a job or start a business right away
  • You feel confident you could get any job…if you only knew what you wanted
  • You are ready to break through old patterns that have been keeping you stuck – and to deeply engage with your own process of transformation
  • You are ready to “feel the fear and do it anyway,” even if it means trying some things that feel scary or uncomfortable
  • You want to contribute, help people, do something meaningful, but you don’t know what yet
  • You would like to find a career you love and could grow into
  • You want to go deep and do real transformational work in a group setting
  • You used to love your job and got really good at it, but now you feel bored, and the excitement is gone.
  • You have mastered making money: now you want to explore creating a career from a deeper sense of Purpose
  • You have a longing to work for yourself but have no idea what to do
  • You want to feel fulfilled every day when you wake up to go to work

Are you ready to Repurpose Your Purpose?


Here are just a few of the features that make Repurpose Your Purpose so effective


How to access your deepest wisdom to get unstuck, a process you can use over and over again in your life 


Deep connection, confidence, and peace of mind around your Purpose and next professional steps


Your own roadmap to successfully change careers and take action!

Dates to be announced soon!
All groups are live online so you can join from all over the world.
Each cohort is limited to 15 participants and admission is on a rolling basis.
Once a cohort is full, applications will no longer be accepted.

Rave Reviews from Career Repurposers

“The single best decision I made last year.”

— Brandy (Los Angeles)

I have worked directly with other career coaches, and read a lot of books and online resources about career change in the past, and none of it was as impactful as working directly with Aurora."

— Kayla (Los Angeles)

I've learned more about myself and have been able to fearlessly identify career possibilities. The lessons I've learned during the class are applicable across my life. For me this was an easy process to get behind because it went so much deeper than just "what do I want to do for the rest of my life." I'm not afraid to ask myself that question anymore."

— TM (Seattle)

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